Food Processor Uses

food processor usesA food processor can take the struggle out of the prep work that goes into every homemade dish, from soup to dessert. With a food processor, you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to prepare a meal from scratch. Cooking all natural, healthy, produce-rich meals at home easier than it has ever been before with this machine.

What Does A Food Processor Do?

A food processor is like your own personal sous-chef who will take on all the grunt work of preparing a meal so that you can concentrate on the more interesting aspects of cooking. You are much more likely to stay focused in making healthy dinners for your family when you have time to search out new recipes instead of chopping, grating, or cutting when your Food Processor can do it for you.  Food processor uses are never ending and you can do so many tasks with them.

The food processor is the perfect kitchen tool for grating cheeses, slicing vegetables, and even making bread dough.

Food Processor uses are endless,

but most importantly,

it will save you so much time preparing your meal.

Food processors are available in a few different sizes.  The size of the machine is determined in cup sizes.  The 9 cup Food Processor is perfect for couples, while a 14 cup food processor is great for a larger family or if you like to entertain.   Food Processors come with a variety of attachments. The most common attachments are a very sharp metal blade used for chopping and pureeing; metal slicing disks; metal shredding disks; and a plastic dough blade used for mixing and kneading dough.  Some Food processor uses include slicing carrots, grating cheese, puréeing chickpeas, making mayonnaise, and chopping parsley in a fraction of the time to do these tasks by hand. They are also the tool of choice to make pastry dough.

All food processors come equipped with a clear plastic bowl. This bowl locks onto the base, with a lid and a feed tube which is for adding ingredients to the work bowl while the machine is running, an S-shaped blade for chopping, and an assortment of discs for slicing and shredding.  The different discs allow many different types of slicing and food processor uses for your vegetables, fruits, etc.

Though a food processor will mix pie dough and chop onions in seconds, it will never purée soup to a silky texture like a blender. And though they chop quickly, the results are never as uniform as those achieved by a skilled hand and a good knife.

List of Food Processor Uses:

So as you can see, Food Processor Uses are endless.  Although the cut is not always perfect, it will save you loads of time, so you can focus on the more important aspects of life.  Once you use one, you will never go back to doing all these things by hand.

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